forward together

My journey started in high school, documenting my time at an all-boys prep school outside of Boston. I was never without my camera - whether it was between classes, on the sidelines, or in the art studio. Learning from phenomenal teachers and peers, my portraiture was featured in gallery shows and won awards, including a portfolio gold key from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards.

I stepped away from the lens for a time in college, deciding to go to engineering school rather than pursue a fine arts degree. When I picked my camera back up, I found myself working on my own documentary, event, and sports photography projects.

Two years ago, I started Aman Shah Photography as a creative outlet while working in Corporate America. It has been a dream come true to be behind the lens, working to capture the special moments in my client's lives. I focus on documenting moments where my clients are the most themselves, forget about the camera pointed at them, and live in the moment.


Dan & Michelle

“Aman was a great pleasure to work with. His charm and wit put us at ease, and his photos captured the love we feel for each other, and the laughter we share everyday”

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